YCEI Energy Studies Undergraduate Scholars Program

Holding a PhD in geology from Yale University, David Lawrence led various divisions of Shell for 29 years. His executive positions included vice president of global exploration for Royal Dutch Shell and executive vice president of exploration and commercial for Shell Upstream Americas. Currently, David Lawrence serves on the board of directors for Stone Energy Corporation, as well as the advisory board of the Yale Climate and Energy Institute (YCEI).

In support of its goal to increase understanding of the global climate system, energy resources, and the consequences of climate change, the Yale Climate and Energy Institute sponsors a number of research initiatives and scholarly pursuits. The institute oversees Yale’s Energy Studies Undergraduate Scholars Program, encouraging a multidisciplinary approach to energy and climate issues. Students who are accepted into the program must complete three YCEI-specified core classes and three relevant elective courses while fulfilling the requirements of a separate major. Acceptable courses span such topics as environmental repercussions, economics, policies, and technology related to energy. During their senior year, students must also complete a capstone project that may take the form of a traditional essay, group project, or professional experience within the energy sector.


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