Yale Climate and Energy Institute Announces New Workshops and Forums

For over 20 years, David Lawrence held several executive leadership positions at Shell, including his most recent roles as executive vice president of exploration and commercial at Shell Upstream Americas and EVP Global Exploration for Royal Dutch Shell. David Lawrence currently lends his substantial experience in geology, business and energy sectors to the Stone Energy board as a director, and to the Yale Climate and Energy Institute (YCEI), serving as the chairman of its Advisory Board.

Recently, the YCEI announced that it would provide $50,000 in funding to facilitate forums and workshops on pertinent environmental topics during the 2014-2015 academic year. Faculty members submitted proposals representing a wide range of fields, from social science to nuclear energy, exemplifying YCEI’s interdisciplinary approach to climate change research.

The YCEI’s newly accepted workshops include Green Chemistry: Mitigating Climate & Energy Impacts through Design of Chemical Products and Processes. This one-day event will consist of a forum for participants to discuss innovations that reduce energy consumption in such energy-intensive areas as catalyst design and separation technologies. During the second half of the workshop, leaders from the chemical industry, academic, regulatory, and NGO sectors will address issues related to implementing these changes.

The YCEI will also sponsor the Nuclear Forum, hosted by Yehiah Khalil, a chemical and environmental engineering professor, and Jared Milfred, a Yale student and the youngest certified nuclear plant operator in the country. This forum will serve to educate Yale students and faculty across varied fields on recent developments in energy policy and technology that favor nuclear power and its potential to reduce greenhouse emissions.


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