Shell WindEnergy Projects in Texas

Over the course of his career as an energy executive, David Lawrence has emerged as a leader in the wind energy sector. Before starting his own company, Lawrence Energy Group, David Lawrence led various energy businesses for the Houston, Texas-based Shell Upstream Americas, including the Wind Energy business. He also served as the functional head of Shell Global Exploration for Royal Dutch Shell and led LNG, Exploration and Business Development activities in the Americas. For more than a decade, Shell WindEnergy has operated wind energy projects in Europe and North America, including wind farms located throughout the United States.

The company operates two wind projects in Texas. Located in a region of elevated flat farming land northeast of Amarillo, White Deer includes 80 Mitsubishi 1-megawatt turbines, which provide 80 megawatts in total power. According to recent estimates, White Deer produces enough energy to power some 24,000 households. In line with its counterpart in White Deer, the Shell wind farm in Brazos, Texas, operates 160 Mitsubishi 1-megawatt turbines and produces enough energy to power roughly 48,000 households.

To learn more about Shell wind energy projects in Texas and beyond, visit the website at


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