Shell and Southern Liquefaction Co.’s Collaboration on Elba Island

Now leading the Lawrence Energy Group, David Lawrence has significant experience as an executive for Shell Oil’s exploration, development, LNG, Wind, and commercial projects. David Lawrence was Executive Vice President overseeing Shell’s combined development project with Southern Liquefaction Co., a unit of Kinder Morgan, to transport LNG from Elba Island near Savannah, Georgia.

LNG refers to liquefied natural gas, which results when natural gas is supercooled. This process shrinks the volume 600 times, making it easier to transport and store.

Mr. Lawrence was involved in Shell’s plans with Kinder Morgan’s Southern Liquefaction Co. to build a new LNG facility in two phases at Elba Island. The project was designed to enable the transportation of natural gas to the plant and transfer LNG to ships for export.

In phase one, the facility was projected to process some 1.5 million tons per year (tpy) of LNG. The second part of the project would increase that capacity to 2.5 tpy. The terminal’s owners have received permission from the U.S. Department of Energy to increase LNG exports to free trade countries and have submitted an application to export to and non-free trade nations.

In July, 2015 Kinder Morgan, Inc. and Shell announced that they reached an agreement for Kinder Morgan to purchase 100 percent of Shell’s equity interest in Elba Liquefaction Company, LLC (ELC), the owner of the Elba Liquefaction Project.


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