About Renewable Energy and Tidal Turbines

Renewable Energy and Tidal Turbines pic

Renewable Energy
Image: marineturbines.com

Possessing more than three decades of experience in the energy business, including oil and gas exploration and production, LNG, and wind energy, David Lawrence held executive leadership roles at Royal Dutch Shell and Shell Upstream Americas. David Lawrence leveraged his experience to establish Lawrence Energy Group, LLC, a company that invests in energy opportunities differentiated by unique insight, technology and innovation.

Renewable energy leverages the wind, sun, waves, and biofuels, among others, to generate power. The environmentally friendly alternative mitigates climate change by lessening human production of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. While at Shell, Lawrence had responsibiliities for Shell’s 900 MW wind business including Rock River, in Wyoming.

Rock River was Shell WindEnergy’s first commercial -scale windpark. The 50 megawatt (MW) wind power facility is located 60km west of Laramie, in Carbon County, Wyoming. The wind farm consists of 50 1 MW Mitsubishi turbines and produces enough power for approximately 25,000 households. Rock River is co-owned with Goldman Sachs.


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