Three Nonprofits Focus on Combatting Energy Poverty

Unite to Light pic

Unite to Light

David Lawrence is a retired executive from the energy firm Royal Dutch Shell, where he advocated for the development of education initiatives like the AAPG’s Military Veterans Scholarship Program. Today, David Lawrence continues to support education through his work as advisory board chairman of the Yale Climate and Energy Institute, an organization that focuses on addressing the world’s energy-related dilemmas, such as climate change, and the challenges of the the transition to clean energy. Lawrence also frequently writes about energy issues, including energy poverty, through his blog, Energy Perspectives.

The total number of people on Earth without access to either electricity or clean cooking facilities is more than 3 billion people. The following nonprofits are among those committed to providing solutions.

Partnering with Rotary International and Direct Relief International, Unite to Light manufactures two kinds of personal solar-powered lights to countries in Asia and Africa. These lights are offered at a low cost, and the project began with the goal of enabling local children to complete schoolwork after sunset.

Along with the development of urban waste systems and agricultural practices, Practical Action provides individuals in rural areas with the necessary technologies to better the knowledge and skills already present in their local communities. Types of technologies provided by the group include small-scale wind power, biogas, and fireless cookers.

Power Africa is a United States governmental program that focuses on providing electricity to Sub-Saharan Africa. Initiated by President Obama, the program’s goal is to create 60 million new electricity connections in order to generate 30,000 megawatts of power within the region.


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