Imperial Barrel Award Honors Geosciences Graduate Students

Imperial Barrel Award pic

Imperial Barrel Award

A former Royal Dutch Shell executive with a background in geology and business, David Lawrence has more than 30 years of experience in the energy industry. Prior to retiring from Shell, David Lawrence worked to emphasize the company’s support for education initiatives such as the American Association of Petroleum Geologists Imperial Barrel Award.

The Imperial Barrel Award is a global competition for university students studying geosciences. During the competition, a team of qualified students from a university works together for eight weeks to study and evaluate a dataset provided by the AAPG. The set of information includes factors such as geology, production infrastructure, and geophysics, among others.

After analyzing the data, each team authors a 25-minute presentation about its findings and presents it to a local panel. The winner of the local competition advances to regionals, with winners of each regional competition progressing to the finals, where qualified teams use advanced technology to assess a set of data.

The winning team is chosen based on the professionalism of its presentation, clarity of information, technical accuracy, and creativity. Competition winners earn scholarship money for their alma mater’s geosciences department, as well as exposure to industry professionals.


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