Brief Overview of the Symposium on Post-Paris COP21 Carbon Policy

University of Wyoming pic

University of Wyoming

A former senior executive with Royal Dutch Shell and Shell Upstream Americas, David Lawrence leverages his expertise in oil, gas, and renewable energies to lead Lawrence Energy Group. More recently, David Lawrence participated in a panel of the University of Wyoming’s Symposium on Post-Paris 21st Conference of the Parties (COP21) Carbon Policy to share his insights.

The Symposium on Post-Paris COP21 Carbon Policy is a two-part spring event hosted by the University of Wyoming’s Center for Global Studies and School of Energy Resources. The first forum took place on February 24, 2016. Energy experts, including representatives from the US Department of State’s Office of Global Change and the university’s Center for Law and Energy Resources in the Rockies, oversaw discussions on the global and national impact of Paris COP21, an event hosted in December of 2015 that focused on negotiation of an international climate agreement to manage global warming.

Members of the symposium’s panel spoke on the state of carbon policy cooperation worldwide and how the US fared in its regulation of carbon. Among the key takeaways from the event was improved comprehension of approaches the nation can take to meet the requirements of the new energy policy.


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