The Energy Collective Shares Growth in Wind Power

The Energy Collective pic

The Energy Collective

An energy professional with more than three decades of experience, David Lawrence held leadership roles at Royal Dutch Shell and Shell Upstream Americas, an organization where he led the exploration, commercial, LNG and wind business. David Lawrence shares his expertise on The Energy Collective.

Upholding the tagline of “the world’s best thinkers on energy and climate,” The Energy Collective is an informational platform offering insight into climate change, energy policy, innovation, and fuels. The website, supported by Siemens Energy, recently published an article about wind power.

Titled Wind Adds the Most Electric Generation Capacity in 2015, Followed by Natural Gas and Solar, the article was sourced from the US Energy Information Administration. It highlighted wind as generating 41 percent of new electricity and suggested that its use in 2016 is expected to increase based on growing wind installations. States, such as Kansas and Oklahoma, were listed as areas providing the most wind capacity. Texas led with 42 percent of total wind additions and the organization anticipates the state to grow its production of wind energy moving forward.


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