3-D Seismic Technology in the Oil and Gas Industry

3-D Seismic Technology pic

3-D Seismic Technology
Image: aogr.com

An experienced energy industry executive, David Lawrence has served in numerous executive management roles for Royal Dutch Shell. Most recently an executive vice president at Shell, David Lawrence is serving on the board of directors for Stone Energy, and has a strong interest in new technologies and innovation in the industry.

The oil and gas industry continues to innovate and develop new technologies to assist with exploration and production of energy deposits. Electromagnetic technology and 3-D seismic technology are just a few examples of innovations that help to locate energy deposits and optimize the extraction process. Three-dimensional seismic technology has now become standard practice in the oil and gas industry.

Three-dimensional seismic technology relies on advanced computer systems that create 3-D images of underground structures based on sound waves that are sent into the earth. This process help engineers to locate oil and gas deposits and improves efficiency related to both exploration and the extraction process. Recently, the industry has moved further, and begun utilizing 4-D seismic technology that allows engineers to analyze deposits and their changes they undergo over time.


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