Research of the Yale Climate and Energy Institute


Yale Climate and Energy Institute pic

Yale Climate and Energy Institute

With a PhD in geology from Yale University, David Lawrence has over three decades of professional experience in the energy and oil exploration industry, including almost 30 years at Shell. Previously an executive vice president of Royal Dutch Shell and Shell Upstream Americas, David Lawrence Has also served academic institutions such as the Yale Climate and Energy Institute, on whose advisory board he served from 2011-2016.

Based in New Haven, Connecticut, the Yale Climate and Energy Institute served as a research center affiliated with Yale University. The institute focused on research that addresses climate change and the ways in which energy consumption affects the environment. Research at the institute drew on expertise in disciplines ranging from climate science and law to public health and urbanization. A variety of professionals were involved with the institute, including policy experts, engineers, architects, and physical and social scientists.

Studies at the institute have take several forms. In addition to funding seed grant research, the institute sponsors postdoctoral research and broader research initiatives. These initiatives include topics such as “Climate System and Human Health” and “Unconventional Hydrocarbon Resources and the Environment.”


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