Upstream and Other Core Business Operations at Shell

Shell pic


A graduate of Yale University, David Lawrence is a geologist with decades of experience, primarily working in the oil and energy industry with Shell. As executive vice president of exploration and commercial, David Lawrence oversaw Shell Upstream Americas’ energy exploration, LNG, wind, gas to transport, gas to liquids, and acquisition and divestment efforts.

Founded in 1907, Royal Dutch Shell is a global oil and energy company that works to meet international energy demand. The organization operates in more than 70 countries, achieving annual revenue of over $260 billion and employing an average of 93,000 employees. Shell operates through four core businesses which include Upstream, Downstream, Integrated Gas and New Energies, and Projects and Technology.

Upstream is the business responsible for efforts to find new energy resources through exploration, the development of new projects and the production of oil and gas. The Downstream business focuses on refining crude oil so that it can be used by consumers. Similarly, the Integrated Gas and New Energies business liquified, distributes, and markets natural gas for consumer use. Lastly, the Projects and Technology business is the research and development arm of Shell, focusing its efforts on innovation and the development of energy-sector projects.


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