The Aspen Institute’s Energy and Environment Program

Aspen Institute pic

Aspen Institute

David Lawrence is Yale University-educated geologist and former Shell executive, who has applied his expertise to oil and gas supply and demand, as well as to furthering innovations in the energy industry. In addition to serving Shell for more than 30 years, David Lawrence has engaged with the Aspen Institute as a commissioner for the organization’s Commission on the Arctic. He also serves as chairman of Lawrence Energy Group.

The Aspen Institute is a nonpartisan policy organization and think tank headquartered in Washington, D.C. The organization, which maintains an international presence with several locations abroad, strives to foster and improve leadership through a value base, non-partisan approach. The institute operates a number of programs in support of this goal.

One such program is the Energy and Environment Program (EEP). Implemented in 1969 as the Program on the Environment and Quality of Life, the EEP provides a forum for policy making and dialogue regarding the energy and environmental sectors. The program brings together a diverse group of private- and public-sector professionals to advance the discussion around topics such as clean energy, shale and gas, the Arctic, and many others.


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