Graduate Awards at Yale University


Yale University pic

Yale University

David Lawrence is an executive in the oil and energy industry with three decades of experience in various management positions at Shell. Prior to his experience at Shell, David Lawrence obtained a master’s degree and a PhD from Yale University, where he also was recognized with the Estwing and Orville Prizes. He presently oversees Lawrence Energy Group, LLC.

The Estwing Hammer and Philip M. Orville Prizes are awards bestowed upon graduate students at Yale to recognize outstanding achievement. Located in New Haven, Connecticut, Yale was founded in 1901. The university strives to improve the world through research, education, and applied practice. The Estwing Prize is named for the Estwing Manufacturing Company and is awarded to a geology graduate student. The Orville Prize is Yale’s top award for PhD candidates in Geology and Geophysics and is awarded to geology students who excel in earth science-based research.

Several other awards are also distributed to Yale students, faculty, and alumni each year at the commencement ceremony for graduate students. In addition to outstanding achievement and research, a portion of the awards recognize high-quality teaching and service.


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