David Lawrence Gives Energy Transition Talk at University of Wyoming

University of Wyoming pic

University of Wyoming
Image: uwyo.edu

A former executive for Shell Upstream Americas, David Lawrence has more than 40 years of experience as a professional in the energy sector. In October 2016, David Lawrence leveraged the knowledge he gained from years working with companies like Shell to give a talk at the University of Wyoming entitled “Choices and Challenges of the Energy Transition: Moving from Rhetoric and Conflict to Reality.”

The talk not only explored the current state of the energy sector, but also ventured to postulate on future possibilities for the industry. In addition, the talk posited potential approaches to the challenge of resolving energy disputes and restructuring policy in a way that would support lower amounts of CO2 and higher amounts of energy output.

Energy transition was a core subject of the three-day event at which the talk was given, with the overall topic of the event designated as “Earth, Wind, and Water.” The first official activity of the event was a keynote address and a panel on the challenges that the energy sector faces today. The University of Wyoming is based in Laramie and counts two interdisciplinary schools related to energy resources within its facilities.


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