The Need for More Energy and Less CO2

Energy Transition pic

Energy Transition

David Lawrence, a highly proficient geologist and business leader, earned degrees from Lawrence University and Yale University, and possesses decades of experience in the oil, gas and energy industry with Royal Dutch Shell. After retiring from Shell, David Lawrence founded Lawrence Energy Group and has established himself as an expert in the subject area of energy transitions and the need for energy expansion. Recently, Mr. Lawrence published an article in Western Confluence magazine titled Energy Transition, Our World Needs More Energy and Less CO2. Western Confluence is a magazine that partners with the Ruckelshaus Institute at the University of Wyoming to provide content on issues affecting natural resources in the western United States. The energy transition article discusses the challenge of meeting the increasing global demands for energy while also simultaneously decreasing CO2 emissions. The need for leadership, innovation, and research and development is also important, in order to move closer to the ideal energy system which features affordability and availability while also being safe, sustainable, and environmentally friendly. For the full article, visit


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