Common Mistakes of the Novice Pianist


Novice Pianist pic

Novice Pianist

A seasoned energy industry executive and Yale graduate, David Lawrence served Shell as its executive vice president of exploration and commercial enterprises prior to establishing Lawrence Energy Group, LLC. When away from his work, former Shell executive David Lawrence enjoys playing the piano. Here are some common mistakes novice pianists should try to avoid:

1. Pitches and notes. Many novices mistakenly believe the piano’s keys represent different notes, whereas in actuality they play pitches that correspond to different notes. For example, the G-flat and F-sharp notes are played using the same key on the piano. Understanding the distinction between pitches and notes is vital.

2. Inconsistent tempo. Upon first starting to learn a piece, novices often play too quickly, leading to more mistakes. Further, as they gain familiarity with the piece, many novices inadvertently increase the tempo of easier passages, likely with the aim of reaching difficult parts more quickly.

3. Avoiding scales. Scales, which are all of the notes of a particular key played in sequence, offer students the opportunity to practice the fundamentals of piano playing. However, many novices avoid scales or fail to practice them as intently as they should.


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