Tesla’s Solar Roof Tiles

Tesla's Solar Roof Tiles pic

Tesla’s Solar Roof Tiles
Image: tesla.com

A former executive with Shell Upstream Americas and Royal Dutch Shell, David Lawrence has been a fixture in the US energy industry for more than 30 years. Now the head of Lawrence Energy Group, LLC, a consultant and lecturer, he has worked with groups such as the Yale Climate and Energy Institute to brainstorm solutions for adapting to climate change. David Lawrence keeps up with current trends in the renewable energy sector, such as solar panels.

Tesla recently debuted new solar roof panel technology aimed at providing a practical method of capturing solar energy. The technology employs a mix of glass tiles, solar tiles, and regular nonsolar tiles to provide
energy for a home’s needs.

According to Tesla, a solar roof designed for a 3,000 square-foot house comes in at just over $65,000, a hefty price tag that homeowners will have to pay up-front to gain potential energy savings in the future. This figure includes incentives such as the Solar Investment Tax Credit and other state and local tax credits.

In areas that get plentiful sunshine, the investment makes sense over a 30-year period, with homes in California, for example, showing a net gain in saved energy cost compared to the installation cost. In other areas, however, the energy savings may not quite reach the threshold. Homeowners should assess their specific situations and use Tesla’s cost calculator to determine if the solar roof is a good fit for their energy needs.


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