Shell Wind Energy Projects: Cabazon, California and Brazos, Texas

Shell Wind Energy pic

Shell Wind Energy

Retired Shell executive David Lawrence is the founder and chairman of Lawrence Energy Group LLC, an energy investment and advisory firm focused on diverse energy investment opportunities. During his time with Shell, David Lawrence oversaw many diverse energy initiatives including Shell Wind Energy.

As part of its renewable and alternative energy strategy, Shell maintains a portfolio of six operating wind projects throughout the United States. Conducted as 50:50 non-operated ventures, the projects produce approximately 425 megawatts (MW) of energy capacity net to Shell.

In California, Shell established the first commercial-scale wind project in the state at the Cabazon wind farm. Located west of Palm Springs, the Cabazon area has played host to wind turbines since the 1980s. Shell oversees a project area with 62 turbines, each of which produces 660 kilowatts of energy. The Cabazon wind project alone produces enough electricity every year to power 12,000 homes.

Together with Mitsui Wind, Shell also operates the Brazos wind farm in West Texas. Home to 160 1-MW turbines, the Brazos wind farm produces enough energy to power some 48,000 homes every year.


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